Client: Personal

Agency: NA

Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Design


Project Details: 

My lady and I got married married and this is the invite and website designed for our event. This was probably one of my favorite projects for 2013. Being a Mexico destination wedding, I wanted to bring in elements of Mexican/Aztec oranate line-work and patterns while keeping a hand crafted feel


A day to remember

Responsive website with rsvp and gifting options


2 Color Screen Print, 7x9 in.
Paper: French Speckle-Tone Starch White 140

Printed at Mama's Sauce

Schedule Cards:
4 color, 3.3 x 2.16 in.
Paper: Mohawk Super Fine,
Luxe 3x's thick card.

Printed at Moo

Wooden Rubber Stamps: 
Simon Stamp

Kraft Envelope:

Wooden Magnets: 
I ordered the wood rounds from here. Then got some magnet tape from

Dennis Berti

Website development
Phillip Rauschkolb