Client. SteamRhino Brewing Co.

Agency. KEDC

Role. Art Direction, Illustration, Design


Project Details: 

SteamRhino wanted a strong modern brand that was recognizable cross language barriers. He talked about how his team is a driven and thoughtful group like the rhino.  We did several rounds that communicated these elements and in the end decided the simplicity and usability of the rhino head would best serve his business and communicate their intentions. Using a wave pattern implying steam and a nod to the wavy ceiling patterns of the brewery we designed a bold, smart identity system.

This was one of the most challenging and fun projects of 2016. When Joe contacted KEDC about designing the logo for his new brewery being built from the ground up in Beijing China, we were very excited. This brought many challenges of time difference, not being on site and not being able to speak or read Chinese.

We collaborated on the visual identity, menus, apparel and window signage amongst other deliverables.  The brewery is now open and getting rave reviews. Looking forward to visiting one day.